Angus Beef

In order to maintain market dominance, improve the quality of all products we offer, as well as bringing new products to market, Delstar foods is constantly focused on developing manufacturing procedures, and techniques that create the industry standards.

Our R & D department works in partnership with top management, and plant personnel in order to contribute to the development of a series of new products. Our latest product development success is the ‘Certified Black Angus’ deli line. The quality standard bar has been set extremely high before bringing this product to the marketplace.

The certified products are manufactured under strict Quality Assurance Controls, always maintaining and respecting the objectives set out in our quality standards. Our standards are quite simple:

1. Use the highest Beef certification products. (only 8% of all Angus Beef qualifies to become ‘Certified’)
2. Produce a product that is high in protein.
3. Create a flavour, and exceptional taste that meets the most demanding consumer standard.
4. Produce a product that is extremely lean, with only natural spices, and the least possible preservative agents.

With these simple but demanding standards, we have created a product line that is surely going to create excitement in the industry. We at Delstar have again taken the lead, and placed ourselves as a pioneer in this new product development.

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